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I Want to Be Liz Lemon

30 Rock* was one of the best shows of all time. You know, until it got all weird and rushed at the end, like NBC was actually trying to flop it the same way the […]

What I’m Reading: Favorite Book Series(es)

Yeah, I know the plural of “series” is “series,” but since I am talking about multiples of multiples, I really want the extra S on there, OK? Like, if you were talking about two sets […]

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea, and Why (Apparently) I’m the Only One Who Can Do It

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of tea. It is – by far – my beverage of choice. Pretty much no matter the time of day. I like it hot, I like it iced, […]

Apr, 07

Kansas Weather is Crazy (Part II)

Note: this post is a follow up to last week’s Predicting Weather Patterns is (Almost) Impossible. As I wrote last week, there’s something scientific about farming that links you to the weather. Like, completely. As […]

Apr, 03

Things I’d Rather be Doing than Watching March Madness

It’s that time of year again, where the entire country goes nuts for basketball, and all I want to do is boycott ESPN. Whether I’m hearing about brackets, college sports, or what team was or […]

Mar, 31

Predicting Weather Patterns Is (Almost) Impossible Part I

For those who’ve never been to Kansas, the best way to describe the weather is … unpredictable. Like a box of chocolates. Not the Forest Gump version where every bite is a surprise, but the […]

Mar, 27

The Best Blogs Ever, Again

It’s time for another edition of Best Accidents Ever: Favorite Blogs. Where I – in case I didn’t already give it away – share my favorite websites and/or blogs. Whether reading for facts or looking […]

Mar, 24




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