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Hello and welcome to my blog. Although this is not my first blog (I have had a few  forced and failed attempts by way of school), I’m hoping this one is more long term. Those other blogs in the past were just my test drives, a way to feel out which features or models fit me best. But now I’ve found a blog I can really see myself driving, and I’m ready to put a ring on it.

After becoming a professional writer some time — the dates are fuzzy — I found there weren’t enough outlets that allowed me to write the types of posts I was interested in writing, which is to say ones like this one. Ones that have a lot of words but don’t really say much. So I created my own. And although, to date, this blog has netted zero dollars and cost multiple headaches, I’m still in the excited stages. (On the plus side, after years of  faking my way through WordPress, I’ll learn what all those fancy plug-ins and updates are for.) So please, join me as i fill the Internet with my words.


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