Reruns, Invention of the Century
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Television syndication, an invention which deserves a Nobel Prize, has introduced the world to some wonderful shows. Unable to keep up with on air schedules, especially when they come at an American Idol rate (more than four hours per week), viewers have turned to watching reruns of not only their old tried and trues, but new favorites as well. The only technology that may surpass it in greatness is the DVR. (Quote from future generations, “What are commercials?”)

Along with the many shows reruns has brought me (I’m a second generation Seinfeld and Friends fan. Fourth graders shouldn’t hear multiple sex jokes, but mid-20s me thinks they are hilarious) is Supernatural. If you haven’t seen it, go ahead and set your TV to record every day from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., because you will love it. The premise? Two good-looking brothers, the Winchesters, out fighting ghosts; it’s a wonder the show hasn’t existed since the sale of the first TV. But what’s even harder to believe is the that, now in its seventh season, I didn’t even know Supernatural existed until a few months ago. Maybe it’s the fact that I spent too much time living my life on Friday nights to catch new episodes, or maybe it’s that I have a severe distaste for every other show the CW has produced. This one though, they’ve managed to get right.

The Winchester brothers, the show’s main stars, come from Lawrence, KS, a short two-hour drive from my house. Is this exciting for most? Probably not, but when all your home state brings in is Dorothy jokes, we could use the good press. “Oh you’re from Kansas? I bet you’re good at fighting ghosts,” strangers might say to me. And then I could respond, “Yes, yes I am. In fact, I keep a shotgun filled with rock salt on my person at all times.” (Rock salt is apparently the equivalent of ghost d-CON.) Sure Lawrence is also where the boys’ mother was killed by a yellow-eyed demon, but I think we can all agree that wouldn’t have happened if they’d lived in Wildcat territory.

Demons, fairytales and folklore are also in the boys’ jurisdiction. Finding cases by following the news, the Winchesters hop in their ’67 Chevy Impala, and drive to the case. I’m still unsure on how they fund their nonpaying lifestyles, but at the first sign of a supernatural rumor or suspicious case, they pack up their motel rooms and make the trip.

The show isn’t without its flaws. The Winchesters’ phone numbers are all wrong; what should be a 785 is actually a listing from states away. And the license plate is labeled SG for Sedgwick county, a solid 150 miles from Lawrence. Not to mention the boys actually spend little time in Kansas while reciting their overly dramatic lines. But when sparkly red shoe comes to shove, I’ll take it. Intenseness and all.

Thanks to daily syndication and my DVR, I have the ability to watch two full hours of Supernatural every day – hot brothers out saving the world. It’s almost enough to make a girl wish for a ghost, just so the Winchester brothers, avec shotguns, can and come save her.



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