The Fall of Summer
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After the scorchy-ist of scorchy summers, August has started to bring on some relief. Like the aloe Vera that is smeared across a sunburn, it’s cooled down and rapidly extracted the heat. Days have been in the 70s (even 50s overnight), and walking outdoors isn’t an activity I continue to dread, lest I become instantly dehydrated and in need of a 32-ounce water just to make it to my car. Now windows can be opened; thermostats aren’t permanently set on triple digits. And most importantly, I’m not in a constant state of sweating-my-everything-off.

It’s as though summer and I had been in a long-term fencing battle. Up to this point it’d been a draw and we only managed to lightly tap one another’s wrists or thighs. But I finally got in a good chest jab, proving myself to be superior and for summer to surrender.

Mother Nature and I are finally on good terms.

Last week, when she decided to send some pleasant temps my way, I didn’t even question her motives. “But it’s August,” I might’ve said. “Shouldn’t it still be plenty warm out?” These phrases never even made it to the insides of my lips. Instead my reactions were prayer and utterances of “Thank you.”

Sure my house is in a constant state of vibration from the buzzing flies that can’t handle even the mildest of fall evenings, but I’ll take their nuisance-y window tapping over melted car contents any day.

To solidify my extreme excitement for the upcoming season, I created EoG’s first list of extra awesome things, outlining the very best of what fall has to offer.

Top 10 Reasons Fall is the Glorest of Glorious Seasons

10. Seasonal scents (pumpkin spice, apple pie, gingerbread) are like a carnival for the nose.

9. Free candy is offered at places of business, followed by candy sales after Nov. 1.

8. It’s an excuse to wear costumes.

7. Halloween movies will soon hit the cable guide, specifically ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween. My all-time 13 Nights fave is Hocus Pocus, but not even Bette Midler as a child-inhaling, immortal sister can beat the “Top That” scene from Teen Witch, another H-o-ween classic.

6. Owls are making a comeback this year.

5. New TV shows are scheduled to take over the airwaves.

4. ghost stories … even if they terrify me

3. pumpkin carving

2. Sweatshirts are the world’s most comfortable clothes ever.

1. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown special — I’m already scheduling my DVR.


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