NYC, Where Food Comes in ‘Big’
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In an attempt to stay ahead of my workweek, I’ve been spending much of this week on the following days’ tasks. While I am guffawing even as I write this, it’s a meager attempt to not rip out my hair by way of stress upon returning from work vacation.

The good news, however, is that Wonderwall and I will soon be heading to the Big Apple for a conference. Therefore, the following post will be coming to you live from New York … although it will not be Saturday night.

Despite all the planning, the packing for multiple days, and cheaping out on airline tickets (we’ll be arriving at the airport at 2 a.m.), I am mega pumped. (Cue “I’m so excited” as background reading music.)

On my to-do list:

  • seeing the Statue of Liberty. When I visited eight whole years ago, she was hidden by a dense coat of fog. I will not be defeated by Mother Nature twice.
  • visiting the hole where Central Perk (coffee shop from Friends) supposedly sits

  • viewing my hero, Mary Poppins, on Broadway. I even hope it’s raining so I can get her to sign my umbrella.
  • riding the subway. I know it’s gross, dirty, and where strangers like to pee, but I have an obsession with subway systems. I’m not sure if it’s the underground-ness, the nostalgia, the people watching, or the fact that the Midwest is anti public trains. Either way, I’m there.

Do they give subway tours? If so put that on the list as well.

  • ordering a big salad at Tom’s Restaurant (regular eatery from Seinfeld)
  • lastly, attending some sort of ghost tour. What’s October without a little travel scare? Just as long as I’m not sleeping with the ghouls, I’m game.

Considering I still have to fit work in there somewhere, next week should be a Manhattan-packed, bad-neighborhood-avoiding, coffee-drinking, black-wearing, Yankee-baseball-hating trip.

I can’t wait.


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