I’m Still Bad at Math
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I’m Still Bad at Math

In my line of work – writing – there’s not a lot of time to be spent socializing or schmoozing. There’s no coworker in the next cubicle to show funny YouTube videos to. There’s no boss that waltzes through the hall that I have to look busy for. While I’m sure there are plenty of writers who work in these types of environments, I am not one of them. If I read blogs all day instead of getting my work done, there’s no demerits or pay docks; I just have to make up the work later, a punishment in and of itself.

On most days I break up the work with trips to the grocery store or bank. Maybe I’m out of packing tape and it’s on sale at the dollar store, or perhaps my grandma hasn’t seen me in a few weeks. A person can only stare at a brightly-lit screen so long before their head will explode.

But this week, I’m supplementing work with more work, by way of completed self-employment taxes. I’m also actively taking applications for volunteer assistants; humble braggers need not apply.

While I’m crunching numbers and flattening old receipts, please enjoy this collection of things I’d rather be doing.

angry birds star wars

I love me a date with Angry Birds any day. Especially when there’s light sabers involved.

reading owl

My books are calling my name.

little caesar's pizzaWhat is it about math that makes me want to eat an entire pantry full of food?

Goofy lounging in a hammock


Saved by the Bell cheerloading skirtsEven cheerleading with bossy Jessie sounds fun.

Wish me luck.



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