I Miss You, Spring
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I Miss You, Spring

If it happens to actually be nice today, please note that blogs are written one week in advance. My today, April 16th, is a chilly 45 (feels like 38), through the hottest portion of the day. Pour me a cup ‘o Joe, please.

4-23 update: there’s two inches of snow the ground with more promised. Good grief.

In approximately three and one-quarter months, I will be itching for a day like today. Cool, possible rain, and really just all around crap weather – like it has been for the past several days. My space heaters and teakettle are longing for their months off, much like a teacher in the summer months. But alas, they are working overtime.croquet lewis carroll

For whatever reason, the Groundhog has decided to punish us with more – much more – winter, and he’s not poking around. Three rounds of April snow in, with another on the way, and today, I actually wouldn’t mind a scorcher.

Think of all the wonderful things I could be doing in a comfortable sundress – as opposed to my current double-layer-plus-blanket outfit. I could be watering the garden, pulling weeds in a shady hat. I could be looking for a way to outsmart the neighborhood dog gang; no dog is peeing on my vegetables. Or I could be playing a round of croquet while holding a Tom Collins.

It’s a drink I’ve never had, but in pleasant weather, I’m willing to try new things.

The Kansasiest of Weather

Being a native, you’d think I’d be used to the sporadic weather patterns. When Monday it’s hailing, Tuesday there’s a firestorm, and Wednesday there’s 50 mile-per-hour winds at breakfast, but calm in the afternoon. But I’m not. The lack of seasonal boundaries, the constant need for a winter coat and a pair of shorts is more like a never-ending curve ball.

Really, this unending winter is what’s surprising. Never before has the state been the same weather for so long. Sure it’s blustery and absolutely freezing, but maybe we should look at this as an accomplishment.

Either way, I’ll still take real spring. My pasty legs could use a few rays. Let me know when you’re ready for a mood swing, nature. I’ll be waiting by the window, sandals and all.


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