Having a Very Merry Un Unbirthday
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Having a Very Merry Un Unbirthday

It’s my birthday, ya’ll. And it is also Tuesday, the day of the week that new blogs are born on EoG. To celebrate not blogging when there’s cake to be eaten, lets take a gander at some of my favorite pictures. While I would never compare myself to Oprah, these are a few of my favorite things. (I’m no Julie Andrews either.)

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a spicy chicken sandwich.

tomatoes and toast


Tomatoes and toast, world’s best breakfast. 

tea cups ride

I spend most days drinking tea; it’s especially exciting when said event takes place at an amusement park. Leave it to Walt Disney to combine so many great things — all his parks are missing is a $1 menu.

blue cheese block

I could eat blue cheese and mushrooms with every meal ever. Yes they are mold and fungus, respectively; that’s probably what makes them delicious.

daria MTV

Dual love: the 90s and sitcoms. Daria is too busy not caring what you think to realize she’s awesome.

clearance sale poster

I’m a real sucker for a good deal, which is a nice way of calling myself cheap. 

bluth family crest arrested development

I like things that are funny.

the marauder's map

Why isn’t Hogwarts real? I want to go to there.

Now for dessert, chocolate cake it is, like the giant yet terrifying one from Matilda. Yum!


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