Vacation is My Middle Name
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Vacation is My Middle Name

It’s not — spoiler my real middle name starts with a vowel — but if it was Bethaney Vacation (which sounds semi amazing), I’d probably take a lot more of them. Holidays, leaves of absence, etc. — I’d make a job out of not having one. Today, though, that point is moot, as I am on actual vacation. In Vegas. Cliched jokes aside, I’ve never been and am super pumped to be here (or so me thinks as of May 21st). So I can do/watch things like this:

hibbo circus gameThat’s me jump roping on top of the horse.

pawn stars

Selling Pawn Stars my rare antique find … hopefully to Rick, who is my favorite. (Though I could probably con Chumlee out of more cash.)

crazy carpet

Judging casinos on levels of carpet craziness. 

lizards on chairs

Seeing this modern miracle. 

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 3.59.14 PM

People watching galore.

See you when I get back.



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