Sadly, the Cats are in Charge
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Sadly, the Cats are in Charge

In an attempt to be better cat parents, Manny and I decided to scoop up another little baby cat. A brother to Cheetoh and all of four months old, Toga, has loud purred his way into our lives. (Seriously, his purrs can vibrate an entire couch.)

Do we feel like a couple of crazy cat ladies? Sure. It’s awkward to roll up anywhere with dual pet carriers full of cats, especially when half the time that includes a bodily fluid. The cats are rowdy, constantly underfoot, and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t wake up under a pile of cats.* Some day, terrifying beyond terrifying, a third one is just going to apparate, until we’re using them all as weapons, like laser cats, against the neighborhood wildlife.

Friends, siblings, and partners in crime, we’re still 95 percent sure this was a good call. With just over a month and a half of getting-to-know-you time, they’re on almost identical schedules. In the morningtime they annoy me while I’m trying to work – generally by running laps or begging for breakfast. Then they sleep for five-six hours, before resuming playtime. Add in more pooping than you could imagine, and that’s pretty much their days.

chester the cheetoBut now that there’s two of them, they’ve formed a cat alliance against us humans. One will cause a distraction while the other snags food, or drags snakes into the house. Laundry and tools are left in prime tripping areas, and together, they are a master locksmith, with the ability to open almost any door. Usually, they don’t want to go through said doorways, they’d just like the option of them being open.greek yougurt spoon toga

What a couple of brats.

“Your cats have weird names”

Yes, yes they do. They’re not humans, so who cares if they’re named after snack foods and party-wear? They could have just as easily been “Honey-Glazed Pretzel Stick” and “Halloween Costume” – but that sounded cruel.

Sure Cheetoh is more of a Blonde-O in her old age (she’s 1 next month), but we can’t always predict these things. It’s like if Carrot Top had gone toe-headed after trademarking his stage name. He probably would’ve gotten just as many, “What a strange name”s as we do. And in case you’re wondering if Toga looks like he’s wearing a bed sheet, as if in a constant state of ancient Roman readiness, he doesn’t.

*It was this morning.


  • Meridian Road Cat Farm Cat Lady says:

    Excellent report on Toga Milo and his new family…. glad he is fitting in and has a good role model in Cheetoh!

  • Bethaney says:

    Yay! He is getting so big (and rowdy!) They are cute together, she takes care of him and he just purrs and purrs. 🙂

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