Bingo, Soon Debuting on ESPN
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Bingo, Soon Debuting on ESPN

… and Bingo was his name-o. — a farmer

bingo cardEvery week or so, I find my way past the community Bingo Center, a place I feel, in the right circumstances, I could spend a ton of time. I’ve never been inside it, though I’m growing more and more desperate to know what exactly “community” Bingo is all about. Is it old folk beating one another out for ice cream coupons? Do all ages enter massive tournaments for cash prizes, or is it a summer program for kids – where Kidz Bop is playing in the background and winners get free swim passes?

The nosey side of me can’t handle the anticipation – I blame Face Eagle and Cork Head (Granny and Mom), respectively. They gave me the busybody gene.

The problem, however, is the place never seems to be open. There are no hours of operation posted, and, an even bigger problem, I’m not even sure which building hosts. There’s a sign, but it’s ambiguously hung between two doors that hold even further interior doors. Why must community Bingo be such a secret?

Bingo Should Be a Pro Sport

lucky pantsReally, who doesn’t want to play Bingo? (Come on, ESPN.) All you have to do is pay attention to some announcements and win. The tricky part comes in when you play 14 cards at a time, or are only allotted a certain number of tokens, forcing you to remember the remaining calls, like a game of Memory with much more at stake.

In these more difficult, pro versions, players would wear sunglasses and check for each other’s ticks; who says it’s luck when the other guy can’t stop fidgeting with his nose? That means he’s a B-14 away from eliminating the competition. Though cheating would also take place, where those with heavy allergies are hired to sneeze away markers, or fire alarms are pulled to thwart repeat winners. In the pros, no steps (legal or illegal) are off limits … probably. And for those that still can’t get enough of the tournament action, there’s even online Bingo — an outlet I just learned about  on ballsupbingo.com.

It’s Bingo round the clock, if one so wishes.

Soon, I hope to track down the details on this secret community game; it’s not every day you get to play a dog-invented sport. I’d like to cash that in as often as possible.


Retro Bingo card courtesy Hasbro, via Milton Bradley.


*EoG received compensation for this post.



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