Famous Tea Parties I Wish I’d Gone To
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Famous Tea Parties I Wish I’d Gone To

Now more than ever (with my new teapot in tow), I’m a sucker for a good cup of tea. It’s tasty, temperature appropriate — hot or iced — and comes in a multitude of flavors. If it were up to me, we’d have tea time tea parties every day of the week. Except Sundays, which are for church and napping. But as that has yet to become the status quo, instead, here’s a list of tea parties I would have liked to attend. I’ll assume my invitations got lost in the mail.

The Mad Hatter’s

alice in wonderland tea party

She looks awful trusting of that Kool-Aid red tea.


the boston tea party

I brought an appetizer, guys; I’m not cleaning.

Ross Geller … I Mean Bea’s

ross geller tea party“I am Bea, I drink tea, wont you dance around with me?”

Toy Story’s

toy story tea party

Not pictured: Buzz Lightyear/Mrs. Nesbit

Mary Poppins’s

(Even though I talked about Uncle Alberts’s floating tea party last week.)

mary poppins penguins


I can get on board with the penguin policy: Order what you will, they’ll be no bill. It’s complimentary.

Next on the list: pretty much every tea party featuring free snacks or a Disney character pre-200s; they seem like they know how to party.



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