Procrastination is My Middle Name
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Procrastination is My Middle Name

ProcrastinationI’ll be hitting up this steaming foot bath idea in about two months.

Just call me Earl “Procrastination” and Other Greys, as putting things off is my name and not being bored is my game. It may not sound real catchy or zingy, but it is wholly accurate. Whenever plagued with the thought of working or goofing off on the Internet, the latter usually wins. It’s not necessarily a conscious decision so much as an act of habit. For instance, when writing this post, I may have gotten a really interesting email that I had to read, or someone may have g-chatted me. Or I might have wondered just when are all the new TV shows are starting up and what is the best way to keep track? And then I keep track and wonder if I should put other things onto a calendar. Ten minutes later I’m Wikipedia-ing the namesake of Greenwich, London and why they are the keepers of time.

And then I get back to work. But 7 or 12 minutes later it’s happening again, and then I have to re-acclimate myself to whatever I was writing before my brain took a mini vacation. Some days are worse than others, depending on how close it is to lunch time and whether or not I want to be outside. (It’s 91 at noon, so today I do not.) Other times I get into a serious groove and don’t stop for anything, lest I get myself distracted again. That means closing  all extra Chrome windows, ignoring phone calls – I’m all about the scheduled talk – and cutting down on tea intake for minimal bathroom breaks.

funny online distractionsThese days are the most productive and I end up having actual free time at the end of the day. Yet despite this massive perk, some days I just can’t focus. Why? The cats might be fighting and I have to separate their aggressive wrestling. Maybe there’s leftover pizza I’m really excited about. Or I’m ready for a season finale of the United States of Tara and can’t wait to find out what happens to Wheels. There’s never a good answer, just always a different one.

My Main Online Distractions

Self “Discipline”

When I tell people what I do (work at home, often in my PJs), they tell me two things: 1) they would love to not have to get dressed and be on time every day, and 2) they wouldn’t have the self discipline to get things done. While the former is pretty great and I have multiple times embarrassed myself by looking less than presentable for impromptu company, I’m still working on numero dos.

There are simply too many fun distractions when working at home. Even cleaning sounds better than filtering hundreds of spam comments. But I have deadlines, bills, and the will to stay successful. Just because I take frequent breaks doesn’t mean I don’t love my job, it just means I’m bad at not being distracted. Even the most interesting projects can’t reel me in 100 percent of the time – there’s just too much out there.

So watch out social media, awesome websites, and hilarious memes, because I’m constantly on the prowl.


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