A Case of the Sickies
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A Case of the Sickies

Last week, for the first time ever, I went to visit my sister Hilde at her job. Where she takes care of babies. Four days later I have a nasty case of gross throat and anti-energy, which in no way can be a coincidence. (Though to be fair, Manny was sick much of last week and the babies weren’t the only stranger to cough within my 10-feet bubble.)

But no matter who’s fault it is, I still feel like laying on the floor and not moving. So rather than trying to write a coherent blog, here are the things I wish were going on in my life right now:

campbell's tomato soup


Get in my belly, soup.

rain cartoon

If I’m going to be sleeping all day, it should probably be raining. Though this guy’s not going to give up his precipitation easily.

alex mack

Bring on the 90s TV.

couch potato

I will move when I feel better.

puffs kleenexes

Lotion is for chumps.

See you on the other side.


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