The Best Movies OfAllTime
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The Best Movies OfAllTime

When it comes to great movies, they just can’t be over seen. No matter how many times Casper gets brought back to life or John Belushi chugs a fifth of Crown, you have to see it again. For me, the ideal ratio is about twice per year – enough that I’m refreshed and entertained, but not too often that I’m bored by the amazing quotes. During these semi-scheduled viewing events, I can roll with my homies, muggle judge, and just plain run amuk, amuk, amuk, amuk.

First up, Juno

juno macguffWho doesn’t love this spunky teen? She’s full of one-liners, doesn’t give a what about normal high school dramz, and talks exclusively on a hamburger phone. June Bug, you’ve got all of my votes; want to eat licorice nooses after school? I promise I don’t smell like soup.

(Con – Jason Bateman plays a huge creep.)

Home Alone

Grown up me almost wishes for a pair of obvious, bumbling intruders so I could thwart them with clever traps. The movies also taught me to make sure my toothbrush is approved by the American Dental Association.

Harry Pottersharry potter trivia

Drop your hat and I’ll use it as an excuse to watch these glorious films. The same goes for re-reading the books, related blogs, etc. I’m also actively searching to join a trivia club – those are a thing, right?

Animal House

There may not have been actual animals in this house, but that faux pas doesn’t mean it’s any less worth watching. If given the chance, I’d have gladly joined this fraternity and dubbed my reign, “That Foot is Me.” Instead, I’m stuck with watching the film whenever the mood strikes, in true lying around stuff fashion.

Hocus Pocus

These witches may have wanted to suck the lives out of little children, but they also served as a signing trio that sparked my favorite Halloween movie of all time. (That actually features the holiday, that is.) The sisters’ biggest downfall? They hated salt, which I eat on every meal.

Sweeney Toddsweeney todd

Though I’m a fan of almost every Buron/Depp combo (let’s pretend their Alice in Wonderland never happened), Sweeney Todd holds a special place in my heart. Sure it’s outrageous and creepy, but that’s what makes it so great. I’m on a permanent anti meat pie diet, but for this gem, it’s a small price to pay.

Strong Contenders

  • Clueless
  • Ghostbusters
  • Spiceworld
  • Almost every Wes Anderson movie (especially Moonrise Kingdom) – Manny’s choices, but no less awesome.

Let the marathons begin!


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