The 10 Best (Less Obvious) Things About Thanksgiving
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The 10 Best (Less Obvious) Things About Thanksgiving

thanksgiving signIt’s that time of year again – when the turkeys are in short supply and families travel from miles around for a mass feast. From the pecan (pee-CAN, puh-KAHN?) pie to the miserable stomachaches they provide, here’s a list of my favorite things about this eating-based holiday. (You know, aside from the obvious giving thanks and spending time with family members reasons.)

10. The Cooking

Obviously. Thanksgiving is a day of eating, so why not enjoy it? Each person brings their respective dish – which they’ve perfected over the years – and it’s delicious.

9. Winning Football Teams

After all that food, it’s nice to zone out and watch grown men tackle each other. (Especially when your team is knocking over more guys than the opposition.)

The only scenario that would make it better is if the NFL outlawed hair longer than three inches. Why can’t they be tackled by dreads again?!

8. Shopping Trips

The Thanksgiving paper comes with more ads than the rest of the year combined. Even if I don’t want to stand in gigantic lines at 3 a.m., it’s still nice to see which sale items are highest on everyone’s list.

7. When I’m Not Miserable After Eating

Finding the perfect amount of full is a real challenge, one I attack each and every year … with varying results.

deck of cards6. Fighting Over the Best Deck of Cards

Much like the dishes my family brings, everyone’s deck of cards is different. Playing with the wrong ones is like wearing someone else’s pants: they don’t fit and it just feels wrong. (And in case you’re wondering, mine are a Precious Moments set from the 70s, also known as “The little girl deck.” No shame.)

5. Leftovers for Days

Who doesn’t love pie for breakfast? Stuffing for lunch, or a baked ham sandwich for dinner? Not this girl, that’s for sure.

4. Planning Christmas Activities

Parties and white elephant games are just around the corner; what better time to get all the necessary steps in order?

3. The Snort Tournaments

Snort – no, NOT nertz – is played every Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ house. Join if you dare, though don’t say I didn’t warn you about the violence.

2. The Parade(s)pie labels

Why giant balloons don’t float down the streets every day is beyond me, so it’s best to enjoy Snoopy and Friends while possible. Every hundred stories of them.

1. Choosing from Billions of Desserts

Thanksgiving means never having to choose between types of pie. Instead, cut each piece into tiny servings and sample until your heart’s content.


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