Mugs I Want to Drink From in 2014
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Mugs I Want to Drink From in 2014

Because New Year’s resolutions are stupid — announcing them anyway, why can’t we better ourselves in private? — I’ve invented an entirely new type of aspiration. One that outlines my probably biggest hobby (drinking tea), and the format it will be kept warm. Though I have a growingly large and amazing collection (thanks friends, family, and significant other), one can simply not stop trying new things. If your freezer was full of pizzas would you still not order out when receiving a timely coupon? Would you not go see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire a second time just because it’s leaving theaters soon? Of course not, because the reasoning is ridiculous and creates a lack of having fun.

Life is a gift and it’s time to grab it by the mug.

To date, I’ve used gigantic coffee cups, ceramic handmade ones, tinies, and my standby favorites. (Cat themed, Edward Gorey, floral, and college teal – one that got me through many a late nights and bad cups of tea.) Now, for 2014, it’s time to expand that repertoire.

With something like this mug.

ceramic cone mugDoes this remind anyone else of Willy Wonka’s edible cup?

Or this weirdo.

hand warming mug

This guy doubles as a beverage holder and a hand warmer. Even though I think I’d hate it, I’d like to try it, just the once.

Or this one from Parks and Rec.

parks and rec mugThanks, mug. I think I will treat me self.

One that incorporates literature.

alice in wonderland mug

Is this Alice in Wonderland reference a hat or a mug?* Who can tell!

This one that’s the opposite of lame.

harry potter mug

They rarely do.

This unconventionally-shaped one.

weird shaped mug

There’s a chance this is actually Jeannie’s bottle.

And this one that reflects my hobbies.

chicken mug

Can I get this in a four-set?

*It’s definitely a mug.



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