Why the Dexter Finale was the Worst Ending of All Time
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Why the Dexter Finale was the Worst Ending of All Time

Warning – this blog is full of spoilers

With a lack of cable and the apparent inability to rent seasons of TV shows, I’m almost always at the mercy of Netflix. They add something I like, I do a happy dance, and then it gets power bombed until it’s over.

NO signsWhich is exactly what happened when they added the final season of Dexter. For those who have never seen it, it’s a Showtime program about a serial killer of serial killers. Dexter is a blood spatter specialist, which means he’s a kind-of cop, and when killers can’t be arrested because of some sort of technicality, he “takes care” of it. Obviously there’s more to it, but this isn’t a blog about why Dexter is Dexter, it’s about why the show’s ending made us we on his slicing table … rather than the latest killer.

Seriously, the worst TV finale ever. Here’s why.

The Ending Was Pre-meditated

After seeing the episode that sent me into an instant rage, I did some online research. Turns out the producers had been planning this ending for years. Years! So rather than finding a natural way to end the show, they took existing storylines and twisted them to fit this pre-determined outline. And it ruined it.

Hosting this paint-by-the-numbers ending left the audience feeling misled and betrayed.

None of it Fit

dexter and harrisonThe entire final season of Dexter outlined him being happy (actual human happy) with his new life. Yet the final show reverses what we spent eight years to gain: Dexter’s humanity. So instead of allowing him (and the viewers) to obtain some peace, everything is taken away (much of what he took from himself). Sure, in theory it sounds ok, but in practice, it went horribly wrong. No matter how hard we try to force these pieces together, they just don’t fit.

If the show had followed the actual storyline instead of that façade craphole we were given, things would have gone far differently.

  • It wouldn’t have been so awkwardly cheesy when Dexter and Deb (or Dexter and Hannah) said goodbye. It was so dramatized it was obvious they were never seeing each other again.
  • Deb would have died like a real person. I was never a Deb fan, but her death was beyond unbelievable. Not to mention the circumstances that led up to it. Previous Dexter has never been wishy washy – he starts now just so Deb can have the world’s most unrealistic death? Nope, not buying it.
  • Dexter would still be with his family. He chose Hannah and Harrison through everything. Deb dies and his entire decision-making process flips? Yeah right. Or say he does actually leave – we need something else to have pushed him. As is, it doesn’t add up.
  • It would have kept me from wishing Harry died a second time. Seriously, how bad did you want ghost him to get face kicked when he was telling Dexter what to do?
  • I wouldn’t be so angry at how botched, forced, and ridiculous this show turned out to be. I’m now questioning other episodes, wondering why they were allowed to be made before such a whiplash finale.
  • Dexter wouldn’t be isolated; his monologue was a load of crap. Besides, if he was being real Dexter, he would have never backtracked. The overlap left too many inconsistencies.
  • If he really felt so awful, why not just die in the ocean? Why make the effort to escape and create a new life? Is there anything to live for – he sure doesn’t seem to think so.


  • How did he steal Deb from the hospital? Even in a hurricane, security would never be that lax.
  • Won’t people wonder what happened to Harrison? Dexter might not have been the best dad, but he certainly wouldn’t have taken his son on a boat in the middle of a hurricane.
  • There is no way that kid is four. (I checked, the actor was six at the time.)
  • The odds of Deb throwing a clot are extremely small. Sure, not impossible, but if writers had given her an actual decent doctor, rather than that mean creepy one, it probably could have been avoided.
  • What was the point of Quinn not getting promoted? I read that producers wanted to give him more time before the show ended, so why the disappointment? Couldn’t he have just gotten sargent before re-losing Deb?

Most of all, the finale felt forced. Even when a show ends unhappily, an audience can appreciate how they got there. As for this episode, all that’s left is an appreciation for what could have been.


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