How to Stay Well: A Foolproof Guide
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How to Stay Well: A Foolproof Guide

i'm not sick pictureFor the past umpteen weeks, I’ve been healthy and well. No cough, no cold, no sore throat or other aches and pains. And to seal my luck, I’m knocking on wood times infinity. I might suffer from a constant flow from my nose, or the occasional need to chug three glasses of water, but that’s just winter. (Right?) As for actual symptoms and doctor-needed visits, I’m – to date – getting off scot-free. Manny has been sick, as has relatives, neighbors, and church members. But not me. I’m above the weather.

It’s not like I have a great immune system or anything. I spend most cold seasons hopped up on congestion and hot liquids. But for some reason, this year is different. Maybe it’s the strains, maybe it’s my habits, or maybe my ancestors blessed me with an immune system that only became superior after a certain number of colds. Whatever the reason, I’m taking full advantage of my ongoing bout of wellness.

Here’s how you can do the same:

Get Tons of Sleep

If it’s dark, it pretty much feels like I should be sleeping. In the summer, I go to bed hours later and get up earlier. The cold darkness, however, has me on a constant “I’m tired” schedule. As a result, I get far more sleep – and my body is pretty happy about it.

Avoid Human Contact

Since I work from home, I mostly see Manny and animals every day. Sure I run errands, meet with people, or act like a sociable human being, but only when I want/need to. Not running into a slew of strangers each daily likely cuts down my germ intake tenfold.

Partake in Regular Snacks

Another perk of working at home – if I’m hungry, I eat. This can mean morning snacks, afternoon snacks, etc. And it’s far more difficult to work on an empty stomach. Some are healthier than others, but just think about all the extra calories you need to take in to stay warm.

Caffeine is Your Friendsick_day_adventures

Tea is my main squeeze, but I have been known to drink coffee when the mood is right. Stick to a regimen of eight cups per day (measurement, not drinking mugs) to stay healthy. Regular water breaks are also recommended, especially when eating or right before the caffeine shakes take over.

Expose Yourself to Abnormal Germs

Between sorting the recycling, cleaning out the chicken coop, and fraternizing with the local elderly population, my immune system is probably on high alert. Add in cats that drag in wildlife (so far a snake, half rabbit, and baby snapping turtle) and my proximity to live bombs (military firing range) and I’ve probably come into contact with some of the weirdest stuff around.

Mix it all together and repeat, and you’ve got a recipe for a sick-free winter. Good luck.


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