Things to Make the Doldrums of Winter Much Better
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Things to Make the Doldrums of Winter Much Better

It’s the homestretch of winter — we’ve gotten approximately 14 inches of snow in the past month. Temperatures are in the teens and negatives with wind chills. And doing anything outside other than shoveling snow and warming up the car seems practically impossible, lest you want your nostrils to freeze. Sure, we’ve gotten a short tease of nice weather, but we also know it’s a lie. Quit tempting us already! So, during the worst part of the winter — the time when you can only clean the house so many times — here’s a few things that make life better.

Pizza Coupons



What makes a day better than greasy goodness purchased at half the price? Keep those emails coming, Papa John’s.

Going Somewhere Where Everybody Knows your Name

cheers tv show
You know you want to.

The Comfiest Pair of Sweatpants you Can Find


Not the ones on the right; they’re over $100, comfy doesn’t have to mean expensive.

A Hot Soak

fancy bathtub

There are few things a long bubble bath can’t cure.

Watching So Many Movies

movie marathon icon

Just you and all your faves.

A Snow Trek

trek out into the snow

Bundle up and go get some exercise already. Bonus points for owners of this actual horse-friendly equipment.

This Fall Out Boy Interpretation


This song, which is named after some actual doldrums should cheer you right up. And if it not, this user’s stance against card cheating will. Enjoy.


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