New Posting Schedule – Two is the Magic Number
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New Posting Schedule – Two is the Magic Number

It’s happening – Earl and Other Greys is moving to a two-per-week schedule. And it’s time to get excited. No more will you have to wait seven long days to read new content; fresh posts will be waiting every Monday and Thursday morning. Like it were a very choosy clock. Sure it means twice the writing, but with the good feedback we’ve gotten lately (a-thank you), we’re willing to take the dive.*

facts about the number 2

Which brings us to our second (and only other) item on the agenda: stuff about doubles. Like tennis, sizes of shots, and fattening burgers.

If I had a fancy budget or was better at YouTube, I’d create a video to commemorate the moving-to-two event. Picture 90s icons montaging as sweet beats played in the background. Maybe the keytar would even make an appearance. Probably a neon one. There could also be clips from Doublemint twins, VH1’s Part Deux, and the 14 sets of twins that starred on Full House. Only with better haircuts.

But as this website has a budget of what I’m willing to cough up – and because I have zero interest in learning video software, this is what you’re getting instead.

I love the 90s part deux

Sorry I’m not sorry.

See you all on Thursday.

*The only actual dive is losing #newblogtuesday as a hashtag.


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