My Favorite Search Terms Of All Time
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My Favorite Search Terms Of All Time

dogs using a computer in an officeLet’s go ahead and get it out of the way that Internet history is a personal thing. It’s specific, random, and only accounts for the things we were curious/needing to know about at the time. If I were to browse through my own history, I’d probably wonder why I was looking up the origin of Matthew McConaughey’s “Alright alright alright” saying. And then why I needed to know the history behind McConaughey, and if his tan is natural, and how unhealthy is it to lose that much weight, is his mother related to Helen Mirren, and so on. It’s a chain of never-ending clicks – especially when Wikipedia is involved.

Pretty much like everyone, I’d likely be embarrassed for others to search my searches – just for the sheer randomness of it all. (Though Google probably has a nice little list keeping track.) Which is why I get really excited when people find my blog through their very own nuts-o searches. Probably because it shows just how off-base my topics really are.

To put your searching minds at ease, I have no way of knowing who used these terms or where in the world they’re located. Some terms (actually most of them) come up as “unknown,” which is super disappointing. BUT out of those that I am privy to see, these are my favorites.

Here they are, in no particular order.

  • pics of grandmas
  • accidentally left teapot on
  • my toes bother me
  • bleep
  • is it rude to keep applauding a band for an encore?
  • Bethaney Wallace hot photos (we can all assume they were referring to the late model with whom I shared a name)
  • What TV sitcom had the phrase gag me with a spoon?
  • “Hotsy totsy, hotsty notsy”
  • cartoon biologist
  • how tea ruined my life
  • bike racks are a nuisance
  • Chester the Cheetos cat
  • Bill Snyder taught Yoda the Force
  • Macaulay Culkin wearing Jordans (to my knowledge, this photo does not actually exist)
  • How to get MIL to stop texting
  • Spycat (Which I like so much it may just be the subject of an upcoming post.)
  • Sabrina zapping finger – also: Why can’t Sabrina see her mom?
  • E.L James lame new book
  • I missed you today
  • I hate being judged at the dentist
  • inventors of the reruns

Here’s to keeping the weirdness coming!


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