The Best Blogs Ever, Again
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The Best Blogs Ever, Again

It’s time for another edition of Best Accidents Ever: Favorite Blogs. Where I – in case I didn’t already give it away – share my favorite websites and/or blogs. Whether reading for facts or looking for a way to waste time, these are the very sources I go to on any given day. Sometimes every given day. Only this time, I’m featuring the best of what tumblr has to offer, the platform that is WordPress’s uglier unknown sibling.

Sure I hate everything tumblr stands for, but I very much enjoy the way folks choose to use their accounts. Little masterpieces found in the deep wreckage of the Internet. And, before I completely offend the site’s inventors, here are my faves:

Wonderful and Strange, by Erin Mallory Long

“Addicted to obsessions” writer Erin Mallory Long keeps her tumblr full of anything and everything. Known for her hilarious tweets, she is the perfect ratio of awesome and weird. If you love nerd-dom, pop culture references, and laughing, you should probably giver her site a gander. ASAP.plaid tumblr background

Warning: there’s more selfies than I’m comfortable with supporting.

Brooks Wheelan: This is Cool, Right?

brooks wheelan tumblr

If you recognize this name, it’s because you’re a fellow lover of Saturday Night Live, where Wheelan is a featured player. Sure he doesn’t get a ton of air time, which is why it’s great to laugh at this sweet website instead. Highlights include comedy clips and detailed stick drawings of towns and their respective landmarks.

Confession: I thought Wheelan was Man Basket material until I found out his tattoos are real. (Not just a hilarious bit on SNL.) Seriously, the worst tattoos you’ve ever seen, like ever.


tribal tattoo on upper armThe All-Star Account: Best of Tumblr

the best of tumblr mast heatYou can’t go wrong when the word “best” is right there in the name. For a sampling of the day’s funniest/cleverest materials, check this site out. Or – if you want to be real bandwagon-y about it, here’s Buzzfeed’s compilation of the most popular accounts.

Honorable Mention



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