How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea, and Why (Apparently) I’m the Only One Who Can Do It
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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea, and Why (Apparently) I’m the Only One Who Can Do It

metal robot tea infuser with standIt’s no secret that I’m a lover of tea. It is – by far – my beverage of choice. Pretty much no matter the time of day. I like it hot, I like it iced, and I like it at whatever medium room temperature it’s become based on the current weather. Pretty much the only way you can ruin it is with sugar. But somehow, I always like the tea I make best. Maybe it’s because I buy the best tea, or maybe it’s this strict ritual, but whatever the reason, it’s freakin’ delicious.

How to Make Bangin’ Tea

  1. Get a teapot with an infuser (like this sweet one)* or a single-cup infuser
  2. Stock up on loose-leaf tea. (I hit up the Clay Gourmet and buy it by the quarter-pound.)
  3. Fill your infuser with a certain amount of tea. More for a stronger flavor, less for less.
  4. Get filtered water. Straight from the tap is sometimes gross for tea, but only if the water itself is semi gross.
  5. Heat and steep in whatever quantity you prefer.

If using an infuser, go with an electric kettle, which heats up the water super fast. (Great for a single cup.) If using a kettle, turn to almost medium and set the timer for 17-19 minutes. Too long and it will be gross, too short and it won’t taste like tea.

Other expert tips:

  • Bags never taste as good, but usually don’t taste bad. They’re ok for travel or when in a pinch.uncle si robertson with jug of tea
  • Fruity flavors will always overpower the tea; don’t drink a fruit-based flavor unless it’s loose leaf. For real.
  • Always steep when mega hot, even if making iced tea. Cold brew is for the birds.
  • When reusing your tea, allow it to dry out before your next cup/pot. Wet tea leaves kind of taste like actual wet leaves smell – super gross. (Secret loophole, it’s generally ok for an hour or two after the first cup. It’s that weird three-ish hour gap that makes it taste funky.)

S/O to fellow tea drinker, Si Robertson, who drinks two gallons per day. While I’m not yet up to his quota (nor do I want to be), I respect the routine. Long-live unsweetened tea!

*ForLife didn’t pay me for this post, that’s just how obsessed I am with their pots. Seriously, it’s amazing. Now if they could just make one in purple already.


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