What I’m Reading: Favorite Book Series(es)
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What I’m Reading: Favorite Book Series(es)

Yeah, I know the plural of “series” is “series,” but since I am talking about multiples of multiples, I really want the extra S on there, OK? Like, if you were talking about two sets of twins and you just said “twins,” no one would know you meant two pairs instead of one. But this example ads another layer of confusion, because if you said “twinses” it sounds just like “twins’ ” so people would probably think you meant one set of twins and their belongings, not two different set of twins in one setting. (Not that the need for that sentence probably comes up that often – maybe at a convention for multiples?)

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite book series(es) of all time.

Harry Potter

harry potter book series by JK rowlingIt’s got magic, it’s got Brits, and it’s got good writing – who could ask for anything more? I dive into this crazy world of Voldermort-hating goodness at least twice a year – whether in book or movie form. (Can you say “Harry Potter Weekend?” Thanks forever, ABC Family.)

PS I know it’s several years too late by now, but I’d still totally go to Hogwarts if I got my letter. Sadly, owl-delivered mail doesn’t get lost.

  • character: Luna Lovegood
  • movie: All of them in revolving order. Seriously.
  • least-favorite book*: The Order of the Phoenix on account of Harry’s extra-teenage attitude. I boycotted it in high school until the librarian convinced me to reconvene with Half-Blood Prince.
  • something random: I’m a Ravenclaw.

Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Mysteries

sue grafton alphabet book series w is for wastedWhen I was 15, I came across “K” is for Killer and thought, “Yep, I need to read that book.” And I loved it. Starting over at A and working my way through, I still receive her newest concoction every other year for Christmas (Grafton’s approximate writing schedule of choice), even though I pre-list my book hold at the library as soon as they come out.

And before you judge, these aren’t cheesy or really like any other mystery books I’ve ever read (and not liked … James Patterson). They also brought me to one of the best sandwich ideas ever: hard-boiled egg and mayo.

  • character: Kinsey Millhone (obviously)
  • movie: None exist. Sue Grafton has refused to ever sell the rights to her books, and has threatened her children to haunt them indefinitely if they sell after her death.
  • least favorite book: B is for Burgular, real disappointment of an ending.
  • something random: If I could donate in literary dollars, I’d pay for Kinsey to get a real haircut, just once. She does it herself with nail scissors – gah.

The Hunger Games

the hunger games book trilogySure the whole Games aspect is super violent and terrifying to think about it. Which is why it’s a great series. (And how can anyone not love a book starring Jennifer Lawrence?) From the moment I picked up the first book, I could not set them down – you know, except for rushing out to buy the next one.

Even if you can’t get over the whole children murdering children thing (Mom/Cork Head), you should still give them a chance. It’s way worth it.

  • character: Peeta
  • least favorite book: Mockingjay – the ending was fine, but they could have gotten there better.
  • movie: Catching Fire (I won’t be upset if they wow us with M-Jay part 1 or 2.)
  • something random: How do the gift parachutes not give the tributes’ location away?! How has no one answered this?


divergent book trilogy by veronica rothNow, onto my current reading material, the Divergent series. Less terrifying than the Hunger Games, it comes in with a similar premise – the U.S.’s future, in which the government does not exist and people aren’t attached to cell phones (which says something about the status quo). However, it’s still different enough to keep my interest with an entire new set of ideals.

Added perks/differences: Less people die, we don’t have to watch the main character be wishy-washy about her boyfriend, there is more freewill, and it’s awesome. Oh, and we all get to look at Four, who has this face. theo james divergent actor who plays four:tobias

  • character: Tris, and in a long-shot second, Four (AKA Beatrice and Tobias). Also, do they have a couple name yet? I need your best fangirl knowledge. Update: The Internet has suggested, but not fully decided on, Fourtris.
  • least-favorite book: As I haven’t read them all yet, let’s stick with least-favorite character, which is like a 20-way tie.
  • movie: Divergent, by default
  • something random: If tested, I can only hope I’d be Divergent, but if not, I’d likely fall in Candor. You know, but with more tact.


*Because who can choose a favorite book out of favorite books?




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