Transportation Methods That Need to Go Wide Stream
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Transportation Methods That Need to Go Wide Stream

After a long week, driving can mean some much-need relaxation time. Especially when traffic is not that bad and Pandora* is absolutely killing it. But for the everyday, the frequent stops and cars who just won’t move, driving can leave us wishing for an alternative. Like big cities have, or the way(s) we’d get around in a different version of reality.

I’ve made my allegiance to trains clear, but in addition to their resource and time-saving methods, here are a few more transportation options that would make life better.

Car Boats

20060918 101445 DSC02628Never be deterred by landscape limitations again. With a car boat you can drive or float your way to your next destination. Without paying for parking. It’s just a matter of time until these combos catch on – probably with solar panels.


If there were a way to bottle essence of Mary Poppins so that we all might travel by cloud, I would have done it years ago. We’d simply sit on clouds that were made of something more substantial than water, then float down via umbrella upon reaching our destination. Not only are these devices great at keeping us dry, they’d eliminate vehicle pollution while providing the easiest way to have a Big Year. (Bird watching joke – if you haven’t seen this movie, it’s hilarious.)

the big year birdwatching movie poster

Main con: in-air travel would prove difficult for the height-fearing crowd. They could stick to stair rail travel instead.

mary poppins sliding down the stair rail

Coast-to-Coast Subways

If X amount of subway tunnels means sweet tile art and all the underground busking one can handle, think how many perks infinite tunnels would bring. The landscape would still be intact, and we could move travel way faster. Sure you’d be missing out on daylight for hours at a time, but that’s a small price to pay when you can fill your commute time with the best people watching that could ever be had.

PS the next time I’m in NYC no one is stopping me from going on the subway art tour.

Moon Shoes

moon shoes

If you grew up in the 90s, you wanted a pair of these. But more than likely, you never had them because they’re impractical and your parents weren’t exactly fans of shopping from the Nickelodeon catalog. Which is exactly why we should bring them back – because now we are adults who have our own money and realize that things like awesome shoes (even if they aren’t that functional) are worth having. Maybe we can even get a few moon shoe fans to create a prototype that better allows for long-term travel. Any takers?

*Reserved for the days when your sister hasn’t used up all the data and you still have multiple days left on the billing period. Even though you still have gigs allotted to you since you are mostly on WiFi and all she does is Google Map and Snapchat erryday, all day.


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