Blue Cheese is Underrated (And Ranch is the Worst)
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Blue Cheese is Underrated (And Ranch is the Worst)

“Thanks, it’s my own recipe. I use cheddar blue cheese instead of water.” – Liz Lemon adjacent quote.

I love blue cheese. It’s true – that moldy salad dressing that so many people wrinkle their noses at, I can’t get enough of. Pair it on veggies, salad, sandwiches, or whatever other food combination, and I’m one blogger with a room without a roof. Salty deliciousness in its finest.

kraft roka blue cheese spreadSince childhood, I’ve been sucking down the dressing on as many salads as I could eat. But now that I’m into adulthood (and therefore in charge of buying my own groceries), I’ve been able expand my Roquefort repertoire. Like buying the cheese whole and in every other form possible. Did you know Kraft makes a mayo-like spread out of their own Roka concoction? And that crumbles can be purchased and added to any number of dishes. Or that “cheap” blue cheese has absolutely nothing on its craftsman made counterparts. Much like any other form of cheese (I’m assuming), quality counts.

Get Over Ranch Already, Everyone

Not physically being able to get enough of blue cheese, however, covers only half of my strong opinions toward salad dressing. With the latter section being my hatred for ranch.

And it’s time for everyone to get over it already. Not only do I dislike the taste of barf-o ranch, I hate the assumption that everyone wants it as their dressing choice. It comes standard on so many dishes, like we’re just expected to love it and its buttermilk grossness. Order a salad at Wendy’s (or as my cousin’s 2-year-old son calls it, “the chicken nugget store”), and you get ranch on auto serve. Specifically deny it from an order at Sonic, and they’ll throw it on anyway, as if they’ve done you a favor. And finally, forget to specify a dressing at any sit-down restaurant and they’ll plop on ranch as if it’s an extension of lettuce itself.

blue cheese solid blocksNo thanks, every restaurant ever. I’ll cook at home and pile on the blue cheese – you know, the better, more fungus-filled dressing.

Clearly, the odds are against me.* This whole ranch thing has taken off. But much like my fight for the Oxford Comma, I’m all in. Like it was the write-in vote on an already decided election. The world may not yet realize the plight of BC lovers, but we shall never stop indulging in its pungent-y goodness. Our vote is blue cheese.

*Side note – when Googling images of blue cheese, I learned there is a strain of pot named after the tasty food. Which caused me to think, “Cool, with the stoners on board this whole pro-blue cheese rally could really take off.” Not because they are good at organizing, but because they’re good at snacking and underground promotion. Turns out the drug gets its name from blueberry plants and plain old, non-moldy cheese. Nevermind, guys.


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