The Best-Ever Comedians: People I Love to Laugh At/With
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The Best-Ever Comedians: People I Love to Laugh At/With

It’s time for another round of picture posts! Also known as favorite things, photo edition, and I’m-too-lazy-to-write-a-blog-today-and-need-a-break-with-some-photos. Either way, you’re welcome.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of my favorite comedians. You know, because I love laughing. And if you don’t, you are either 1) wrong, or 2) a ridiculous person. Once I went on a date with a guy, who, five minutes in told me he “didn’t really like comedies.” Which basically translated to, “This is our first and last date.” He later sealed the lack of compatibility by not walking me to my car in an extreme blizzard. Which actually, could pass for an ok romcom opener itself.

But let’s leave it to the pros. In photo form, here are some of the best jokesters ever known to mankind.

Tina Fey

bossypants-tina-fey's book
In case you didn’t already know, I love Tina Fey. She is a glorious, hilarious individual, and if you haven’t read Bossypants yet go to it now. I might even let you borrow it.

Demetri Martin

demetri martin comedy


Comedian and dork extraordinaire  (which is a compliment, BTW), Demetri Martin is so devoted to comedy he dropped out of almost lawyer-dom to take on the career. He, too wrote a book that’s worth reading. It’s called This is a Book.

Almost Everyone on SNL

saturday night live


If you’ve ever been on SNL, I’ve probably enjoyed laughing at you along the way. (Which I thank you for.) Past faves include Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samburg, Jason Sudekis, and the aforementioned Miss Fey. (Though the list goes on.) Current favorites: Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, and Beck Bennett (the guy who also talks to kids about phones).

David Sedaris

david sedaris let's explore diabetes with owls


Long-time writer and humorist David Sedaris can be found in print and on the radio. Want to know what exploring diabetes with owls is? Or perhaps you’d rather know when you are engulfed in flames, or how to talk pretty one day. He will help you on all of these journeys. (And make you laugh.) And it will totally be worth it.




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