Amazon Can Read My Mind Better Than I Can
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Amazon Can Read My Mind Better Than I Can

amazon logoAmazon, you never cease to amaze me with how much you know about my life. Until logging into my account, I didn’t know just how badly I wanted that new keyboard cover, or that my there was a grammar-based board game that I just have to have. (Not that anyone would play with me.) And a million other examples as to how they read my mind. Because without Amazon, how would I know what I want to buy? Surely I couldn’t find such awesome things on my own.

Like these infinite Kitchenaid attachments – who wants homemade everything?!

But now that I know how they do it – which is creep city – I’m still ok with it. Even though it makes them super stalky. With behavior analytics and software that guesses our movements, they’re able to determine who likes what with amazing accuracy. That if you make a certain decision, you’ll probably make this other one that’s just like it. Which is why if you complain on Twitter with any company that follows these behavioral stats, you pretty much get instant help. (Note: always complain on Twitter.)

Let’s face it, Google probably knows everything about my life already, why not get some good shopping tips in the process? Even though it’s super invasive and a little unsettling, I’ll take it.


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