FAQs about EoG
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FAQs about EoG

Earlier this year I ran a post on my business blog about frequently asked questions. The ones I’m asked most days and have a cookie cutter response for. Not necessarily because I get tired of answering them, but because I’ve learned what people will and won’t “get” about my job. The response was so great (i.e., a reduction in questions) that I’ve decided to try it here as well. From subject matter to all the “Umm what?”s – here are my most asked questions about Earl and Other Greys.

P.S. I love acronyms.

vintage teacup and saucer with pink geometric patternDo you really drink that much tea?

Yup. Just like you really drink that much soda (or coffee). It’s my main vice and I’m sticking to it. Bonus: I’m perfectly fine in the mornings without it, though my lack of morning person-ness likely creates a different version of “fine.”

Why Earl and Other Greys as the name?

See the above – and because “Giving an Eff About the Oxford Comma” seemed less appropriate for grandparents and neighborhood preachers to read.* But in case you are wondering, Vampire Weekend, the answer is me.

What type of tea do you drink?

I buy loose leaf tea by the quarter pound. Earl Grey along with another black/fruit combo (you know, for variety), depending on the season and selection. Right now it’s raspberry, which ultra delicious and not in the least bit sweet.

Are your stories real?

Yes, but to varying degrees. I’ll let you be the judge of how much.

magic 8 ball game adHow do you come up with ideas?

From living my life.

Do you get paid for EoG?

Nope. In fact it costs, on account of me hating sideline ads. So you’re welcome, everyone. (Though I do get paid in traffic hits and readership exposure, which is super worth it.)

Why do you have so many URLs?

In Internet land, three URLs (bethaneywallace.com, bethanywallace.com, and earlandothergreys.com) is really not that many. But the name EoG came after I owned the rights to my name, and the one that’s spelled wrong is for the 95% of the population who think there’s only one E in Bethaney. (Which for most, there is.)

Why is your theme (design) so sketchy?

Because I am bad at code. (Which is to say that I don’t know it at all.) If it’s being difficult, try opening the page in Safari, not Chrome (which is the only time I will ever make that recommendation). I’m working with a designer and hope to have a brand new look within a few weeks.

colorful picture of guy typing on typewriterWhen do you write posts?

Every Monday I write and schedule the following week’s posts. So whatever you’re reading is what I wrote the week before. (Which is great for bragging about vacations.)

What do you do when you can’t come up with an idea?

Picture post! (Though the majority of picture posts are created from a lack of time.) I also keep a stockpile of ideas, and if a really good idea comes along, I type it out on my phone and email it to myself immediately.

Why do you use nicknames?

Those who’ve reached the blog have yet to be mentioned by real name (except for yours truly). Which is for privacy, but also as a legal loophole. So they can’t sue me once I have a million-dollar book deal and they’re “embarrassed” about that extra true thing I wrote.

But mostly it’s the first thing. I also ask permission since the facts get a little questionable.

*If I’ve learned anything from working at FYIFK it’s that people hate you for “having a bad word in your name,” even if you have something really hilarious and unoffensive to say.


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