Things California Has that Kansas Doesn’t
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Things California Has that Kansas Doesn’t

Last week I spent some time on the West Coast, my second stint in California. Though to be fair, the original voyage was taken when I was in the 8th grade and it was cold the entire time I was there. So it really only kind of counts. But to celebrate my return to Kansas — or rather to long for the vacation that ended too soon — I’ve put together a compilation of differences between the two locations. One which is home, and one which hosts an infinite amount of beach partying. (Why did I come home again?)

Which brings us to the first difference:


california beach pacific ocean waves

Infinite Tats

guy with tons of miley cyrus tattoosSeriously, they’re like everywhere.

My Sister … and Her Awesome Friends

tia and tamara mowry sister sister tv show

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked if we were twins, I would have made roughly $32 this trip. Considering I’m 4.5 years older, I thank you all for the compliments, folks.

Draconian Liquor Laws

pouring wine liquor laws in kansas and california

If you are buying booze in California, everyone in your party has to show their ID. Also, if your sister lost her ID and has a Kansas printed replacement, the CVS manager (yep, they sell booze in pharmacies in CA) will get really mad at you and act a fool, but all the bars will let her in. Because they understand legal documents like smart people.

Palm Trees

palm tree print picture with blue skies

Too Much DubStep

dubstep wording with neon background colors

Is this music or are my ears trying to remove themselves from my body?


Fresh Seafood 

fresh seafood market with fish on iceWho needs popcorn shrimp when it’s fresh out the ocean? Not this girl.



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