What I’m Going to Do With My Summer
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What I’m Going to Do With My Summer

Remember every year in elementary school when, on the first day, you had to tell everyone what you did? Whether in paper or show-and-tell form, you compiled the past three months of you life into a 30-second segment. Like that was enough time to contain how incredibly awesome not going to school was? This post is going to be like that, kind of.

Except that it’s the very beginning of summer, and I don’t have to go to school ever again. (Unless I later decide I want to … doubtful.) Also I will still be working through the duration. But the rest of the time, here’s how I’ll be spending my days.

At the Pool

For the first time in forever, it’s the beginning of June and I have a tan. (And partial burn.) And I plan to keep it that way. Even if that means waking up ultra early in order to fit in work before the afternoon (and gasp, working Fridays), I can do it. Not sleeping in < pool time.

canned jars of salsa in glass mason jarsCanning Record Amounts of Salsa

Sure it’s a little depressing that I don’t have a garden this summer, but it is definitely not depressing that I found a retired man who sells tomatoes for $1.50 a pound. (The going rate for “canners” or “those which are exploding” is $5/lb.) Also I have approximately 68 quart empty quart jars right now. Get in my life right now, salsa.

Killing Cans of Sunscreen

While I’m not an ultra burner, my skin isn’t a huge fan of excess sun. And I’m not a fan of frying alive. Instead, let’s keep everyone happy by applying multiple rounds of sunscreen, preferably in spray form. The greasy lotion kind will be stuck on your hands for days.


summer beers in season signHot days were pretty much meant for cold beers. Especially fruity (but not gross) ones. Whether at some body of water or just cooling off on the hottest days in the history of the Midwest, you can probably find me with a koozie in my hand … and with a beer in that koozie.

Living My Life

What’s that last-minute fun thing you’re inviting me to do? Because I’ll totally do it. Just let me fill Toga’s food dish extra full and hug him until he bolts (about 3 milliseconds) and I’m there.

Staying in Shape Exploring

Really, who doesn’t like being outside? Since my job means sitting in front of a screen for the majority of the day, exploratory walks are pretty much the best way to not be staring at a screen. It also helps when that exploring comes with hills or obstacles that require some sort of muscle-working movement.

andy samburg with hammer doin work like a bossWorking on Work

So as to not get soft, I’m planning on devoting as much time as possible to work. That means the fun, the necessary, and everything in between.

Wearing All the Sundresses

When it comes to buying dresses, I just might have a problem. But they’re just so comfortable. And cheap. When else can you get an entire outfit for such a deal? So don’t mind me while I’m wearing a dress every day until the end of nice weather.


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