Things that Happen at a Backstreet Boys Concert
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Things that Happen at a Backstreet Boys Concert

Back in the 90s, the Backstreet Boys were pretty much all the rage. They sold the most albums, they had the most hits, they were the best dancers. Out of any other boy band. And ‘Nsync didn’t even compare. Period. Which is why, 15-ish years later, when you’re given the chance to see the best boy band of all time in concert. You do it. No questions asked except, “GA or priority seating?”

And when you get there, and they pop out in all their dancing glory like you took a DeLorean to get there. Which is every bit as surprising as it is impressive. If you think it’s not, it’s because you haven’t seen it. These dudes are 40 and they’re still dancing like their teenage selves. Like real pros.

backstreet boys early days 1990sOther things that will take place when you attend:

There is Always Someone More Excited to be There Than you

Fine by me. I don’t need to drop $40 on merch, scream in the front row, and cry on the jumbotron. But I do want to watch those same things happen to other people.

Margaritas are $9 and Taste Like They Were Wielded by Willy Wonka Himself

Soo much sugar!

Clothing Choices Will Be 50/50

Half of the outfit choices will make you want to go shopping, and the other half will make you want to put the nation on an effective-immediately exercise plan.

backstreet boys modern pic all grown upThere Will Be a Guy on an Orange, Obnoxious Motorcycle Wearing a Leather Jacket that Reads “Peanut Butter Swirl”

And a girl whose boyfriend drops her off so she can try to get a ride with this stranger. Only to be thwarted by security.

You Will Feel Old

Who are all these young girls and how do they like the Backstreet Boys? Weren’t they like, toddlers, when all of these songs popular? Where are all of the middle-aged women?

You Have to Say the Phrase “I’m not dating any guy I meet at a Backstreet Boys concert unless it’s a Backstreet Boy.”

Except that they are all married – and adorable with their wives – so it’s a moo point. (You know, like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter.)

There Are a Surprisingly Large Number of Dudes Present

Who are all these male fans and how did I go to high school with the opposite of all of them?

It Will Be Awesome

Seriously, like amazing. When can I go again? Japan? Cool sign me up, my passport is waiting.


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