Favorite Places to Work – Besides Everywhere
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Favorite Places to Work – Besides Everywhere

As a computer-toting writer, one of the biggest perks about my job is that I can work absolutely anywhere – so long as the wi-fi and I are getting along that day. Which is actually more stressful than it’s worth. The freedom is, well, the best thing that has ever existed. But on the other hand, if I wanted to, I could, say, sit in my pajamas and eat cookie dough all day, just stressing about all the productivity I’m not making. A scenario that would cause most people to get fired but that I can get away with on a daily basis, so long as my deadlines are met and my clients are happy. (I swear I’m a hard worker, guys.)

Not that I’ve ever chosen cookie dough over work – or cookie dough over anything because I’d rather just eat actual cookies than its raw, uncooked egg form – but getting started can some days be a serious distraction. Especially when my bed is so dang comfortable. Which is why, sometimes, it’s just better to leave my desk for the cat’s napping grounds while I head to a remote location.

Sure packing up my entire computer, phone, chargers, headphones (NEVER forget the headphones), and writing utensils sometimes sounds exhausting. But once my portable office-in-a-bag* is complete, work can be done much faster, sans distractions, from the comfort of someone else’s facilities.

Besides, once I’m done it’s back to frying eggs and power-bombing Orange is the New Black. Like I wanted to be doing all day anyway.

I can usually be found working:

library book shelves and long fancy tableAt the Library

Upside: there’s ample seating and a general rule about being quiet. Except when it’s kids’ library day and there is only crying and loudness.

Downside: it’s summer so all the kids are hanging out and the only other adults present during working hours are homeless or unemployed. Many of who like to sit by me and read out loud. Enter headphones and Harry Potter Pandora. Cranked.

Where there is Caffeine

Coffee shops in general are a universal working space. Pros: people go there to work and generally keep to themselves, except when they are having meetings among their entirely women-based sales team. (Yes, men are quieter as a rule. Except for that one guy that one time.) Also, there are tons of delicious foods and infinite drinks that can be consumed. Which can also be a con when I’m trying to not be distracted

Did I mention there are always plenty of outlets? So many outlets for all my dying devices.coffee and donut fabric print colorful

At Other People’s Houses

In pretty much every other setting, it’d be weird to talk to your cousin or grandma and say, “I’m going to work from your house today.” Except that I do it all the time and they don’t care. Preferably, however, it’s only to be done when they are not there … which really upps the creep factor. But when they’re home, they talk, and I talk, which also equals work not getting done. For as long as they’ll have me, I’ll be there taking up their kitchen tables and checking off each of my to-do lists.

*Patent pending


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