Favorite Things: chloe + isabel Jewelry Edition
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Favorite Things: chloe + isabel Jewelry Edition

Ladies love jewelry. It’s a fact. Maybe some women love less flashy jewelry than others – like the kinds you make out of sticks and leaves – but it’s still jewelry all the same. Which is why, when one finds a great place to shop, she does her girl-bros a solid and spreads the word.

Which is exactly what this blog is.

I was recently introduced to the stylish ways of chloe + isable, a jewelry shop that sells some pretty UHH-mazing stuff. And two of their shop owners were kind enough to let me try out the products for myself. After taking approximately and hour to choose my favorites (seriously couldn’t decide) and then actually wearing said favorites, the results are in – and they’re looking pretty great.

Here’s What I Got:

This adorbs necklace in perfect fall colors.

chloe + isabel miranet three-row necklace

Aside from general necklace fare (yes, it hooks together and hangs décor down your front), this necklace comes with a few side perks. One, its clasp is real fancy. No really, it has this little bird on with rhinestone eyes (which is way less creep than it sounds). And if you think a cute clasp doesn’t matter, it’s because you’ve never worn one.

Also, each layer is removable. (Mind blown.) So you can wear one or more of them, depending on your at-the-time outfit.

chloe + isabel bead + chain multi-wrap bracelet

Next, this flashy (but not too flashy) wrap bracelet. Which is the most comfortable arm attire you will ever wear.

Fun fact: I have tiny wrists. Just ask my chiropractor, a former linebacker, who pops them back into place each time my carpal tunnel acts up. And this bracelet fits – it FITS I tell you! This never happens, ever!

(Well, unless I take bracelets to George, my parents’ octogenarian neighbor who is a professional jewelry repairman/resizer. He might only charge a few bucks – $4 is “expensive” for a watch battery, FYI – but it’s also a 70/30 chance you’ll catch him open. He takes a lot of breaks.)

This bracelet not only wraps to create the perfect size, it can be fastened in three separate lengths. It looks pretty amazing, too. Color me sold.

Other Pros About The Brand

  • This is classy shiz. Like real high quality. You can tell even from far away it won’t turn your neck green or unravel on the dance floor.-“What if it breaks?” You ask. They’ll replace it. Their pieces come with a lifetime guarantee.

brand logo with yellow and blue birds on stick

  • There’s way more too choose from, and all of it’s just as fabulous looking. (Found where I’m doing my Christmas shopping … for myself.)
  • My order came with a side of candy. Tasty stuff – name brand chocolate, not the knockoff crap that comes with mail-order tampons. I’m assuming.
  • Each piece also came with its own canvas bag. Which will be great for traveling, or carrying other tiny things.
  • They packed in some bird felt ornaments, too. At least I think they are ornaments. Either way, you’ll find them on my tree.

The “Catch”

Ready to shop/browse? Head to this link. Oh and best of all – someone gets $25 off their $75 order. Or, if you want to shop outside this link, just tell them Earl & Other Greys sent you. They’ll know what it means.

Do I get kickbacks if you shop from my link? Of course I do. Hence the power of “influential” blogging. But I don’t care about that. I care about you finding nice things that you like, and shopping from nice ladies who won’t screw you over. Not only were they pleasant to work with (and very accommodating), they appealed to my personal interests. Like telling me which new bar has great specials on which night – which made the part of me that is cheap and the part that loves to drink very happy.

So if you’re going to shop, why not shop from a pair of lady ballers who have awesome taste? But for real, go look at their site. Right now.


Official Rules: Void where prohibited. NO Purchase necessary. To enter comment on this blog post or email ktbsellchloeisabel@gmail.com. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM CST Wednesday, October 8, 2014. Winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 12 pm (NOON) CST.


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