Vacation Was Great, Guys, Thanks for Asking
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Vacation Was Great, Guys, Thanks for Asking

Last week I got back from vacation. This week I worked. Last week was better than this week. And I want to go back to vacation immediately.

Sure it was a little weird not having any responsibilities. Like any. I was thrown shade for trying to take out the trash, clients were all, “Oh you’re on vacation; we’ll talk when you get back.” I didn’t even drive except for 30 whole seconds when I moved a car.

And it was pretty great.

IDGAF sweatshirt with neon colorsWhen you usually work nine hours a day, plus household chores, the opposite is, well, amazing. Which is to say doing none of those things.

On a more permanent version of tripping (yes I’m scheming how to go on permanent vacation, who wouldn’t?), I’d find a way to make, say, $400 an hour and work only a few times a week. So as to not go broke. And maybe I’d do some cleaning too, but just because I’m particular. And I would definitely still drive. Because people gots to get places and universal subways are not yet a thing.

What The Trip Entailed

So, what did I do the whole trip if I wasn’t working or having responsibilities? All kinds of crap. Traveling, beaching, hanging, watching Kansas sports win,* and large amounts of day drinking … and I know what you’re thinking: “But Bethaney, don’t you already do a lot of day drinking?” And the answer is for you to tell me what you think is “a lot” and then I’ll tell you if that’s true.

george bluth day drinking meme arrested developmentAlso, I was in good company. Since my sister’s nanny fam was also on vacay (in Hawai’i, I’m jealous), and she has two roommates that don’t work and one that sometimes works, they too, were solid day drinkers. And it made me realize there’s a whole life to be had without jobs. Errands to be ran, thousands of trips to take to the mall, TV shows to powerbomb – really an entire lifestyle that doesn’t require timecards or being told what to do.

Now to answer your FAQs

  • How many blogs will there be about this trip? A certain amount – I’ll let you know by writing them.
  • Did I have a bitchin’ time? Duh.
  • What was my favorite part? The beach and also the weather. But especially the people.
  • Am I moving to California? I’m definitely not moving and not not moving simultaneously.
  • When am I going back? Eventually.

All other questions should be submitted in writing; I’ll answer them on a first-come basis.


*No one in California cares about Kansas sports. At all. (Surprise.) Except when the Chargers lost to the Chiefs, then they cared in the wrong type of way.


  • Whitney says:

    Hope you had fun – I mean who wouldn’t with unlimited amounts of day drinking? 🙂

  • Face Eagle says:

    Know you had a great time. Something you don’t know.When I retired from FB I was wanting to move to Cali, as you know when ever we visited we were driven everywhere, parties, weddings, theater and good eats. Seemed like a plan to me. But I didn’t have the last word on that. Jobs were to be considered. Since then we had many trips to visit and then home to the real world. They are memories I’ll dream and think about always. Cali vacations are the best. Know you will return for your fix as soon as ocean breeze calls you back. L gran

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