My Favorite Search Terms of All Time: Part 2
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My Favorite Search Terms of All Time: Part 2

Get ready folks, it’s time for another exciting edition of my favorite search terms. Of all time. Specifically, what people think up and type in order to find Earl and Other Greys.

For any SEO newbs, that’s search engine optimization, these terms just mean that, because I have these words somewhere within my site – in whatever context – when people search said phrases, they’re taken to my website. And not only do I show up in their results, but am clicked upon … for a certain number of clicks.

[For more info on what I can and can’t see – no I don’t know who’s clicking; I’m not tech savvy enough as those types of capabilities most probably exist – check out this original post.]

Meanwhile, I’m looking at these terms nearly every day and LOLing in the process. And just like the original edition of this post, they came in as quirky and ridiculous as ever.

Such as:

  • pile of cats
  • slow runners
  • manbasket work at night (holla – that’s an EoG orig!)
  • hairspray face shields
  • retainers floating in space
  • I’m not sure if my retainer will still fit (Then it probs won’t. Better get a new one for a cool $200.)
  • angry eagle face
  • standardize Tupperware (For real though, this is a hot-button issue Congress should really be focusing on, IMO.)
  • does Steve Urkel wear Tommy Hilfiger (Good question, guys. Let’s bring this back up at our next Urkel-based blog.)
  • Can chickens become zombies? (Umm I sure as hell hope not.)
  • neon colored dubstep
  • candy man candy store
  • how to creep out my neighbor (Just show them this search term, dog.)
  • girls! TV
  • man at desk on beach
  • bathroom with no doors
  • poem about egg production
  • Backstreet Boys male fans
  • EarlandOtherGreyz (Yep, we’re all gangsta at heart. Even when we blog about tea.)
  • having a blog on the side (On the side of what?)
  • permanent retainer choke (Not sure what this is, but I hope I never find out.)


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