I Hate and Love Taylor Swift in Equal Amounts
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I Hate and Love Taylor Swift in Equal Amounts

Unless you live where there is miraculously no music (but somehow Internet and therefore blog access), you know who Taylor Swift is. You’ve heard her songs. You’ve seen her vintage-looking outfits … paired with always-red lips. And other things that are specific to the up-and-still-coming artist.

tubes of bright red lipstick lineupThrough it all, you’ve likely formed an opinion – either for or against her.
Maybe, like me, you just can’t freaking decide – and have gone back and forth about her more times than you’ll admit. When she first popped out of the woodwork, you thought she was pretty alright. Then when she released the exact same album, you didn’t like her as much. Then as she got older and more annoying, you swore off her altogether; you were never ever getting back in her fan group.

  • Could she just get over her dating life already?!
  • Could she write a song that didn’t make me want to overdose on eyeliner? Just to show how anti-bubble gum I could become?
  • Could she wear an outfit that was designed in this decade? ENOUGH with the high-waist shorts. And can they come in a pattern that doesn’t look like 1970s curtains?
  • Could she sell her stock in red lipstick? We get it, you like bright red. There are other colors on the lip-color wheel.
  • Could she not look like such a a trying-to-impress-someone 8th grader while jamming out on camera?
  • Could she not make me want to rip out my damn hair while listening to any song in the world but Love Story? Or Tim McGraw, or blarfing White Horse?

Nope. She could not.

Then she swore off country music and released a new album. And Pandora kept playing it … and some of the old stuff I’d been too proud to acknowledge even existed. And I kind of liked it. And was embarrassed about how much I liked it. Still am, actually. [blushing emoji]

It’s not like they’re all winners (Shake it Off evokes a certain amount of violence, but that’s how I feel about every song I’ve heard 8 million times.) but there’s a handful of real catchy jams. Style? Don’t mind if I do. I Knew you Were Trouble? Yes, please. Bad Blood? Been there, heard that. Liked that. 22? Why not? Blank Space? Repeat for hours on end. Get yo crazy on, girl – I’ll be there to listen to it all.

the price is right models with drew carey spinning the wheelJust don’t force me to watch the music video. Because it’ll remind me of how annoying her face can get. Or how she’s always smiling, especially when it makes the least amount of sense. Or how she’s trying too hard 100% of the time, like the world is her Price is Right and if she doesn’t properly display what’s in front of her, Drew Carey will fire her as head model.

I’m still not sure how she does it. How she’s able to create such catchy tunes and then display them in the most miffing ways of all time. Repeatedly. It’s some type of superpower to be equally different at the same things. A musically inclined magnet.

Whatever your pull, Miss Swift, you should keep doing it. And not doing it, simultaneously. That’s the only way to get the preferred results. Years of research just don’t lie.


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