Last Week Was Christmas And I’m Lazy/Really Busy
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Last Week Was Christmas And I’m Lazy/Really Busy

As you may or may not know (or care about), I write posts a week in advance. It just seems to run more smoothly that way. And also it gives me seven entire days to stew and laugh (really hard) about whatever nonsense I came up with.

Anyway, that schedule means today is Christmas Eve Eve (as in the eve to the 24th, which is also known as the 23rd) and I have thousands of things to do. THOUSANDS, I tell you. And writing this blog isn’t exactly number one on my list right now … or even number four. No offense guys, but there are presents to be knitted and actual paying work to be turned in. And emails to be sent. Showers to be taken. Cookies to be made … you’re getting the picture.

So anyway, not sorry for half-assing this. I’ll be back to full-assing just as soon as my schedule allows.

See ya’ll next week!



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