Here’s My “Resolution”: To Not Wear Pants
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Here’s My “Resolution”: To Not Wear Pants

New Year’s Resolutions are dumb. IMO. If you make one, you are dumb. And if you don’t stick to it, you’re even more dumb. If you want to do something better in life, just do it already and quit using waiting on the New Year as an excuse. Also, resolutions are basic as basic comes – barf.

So instead of making an obligatory goal, I’m doing something weird. Like usual. Last year it was this nifty list of mugs. This year, I’m nixing pants. Exchanging them for their cozier and butt-huggier counterparts, the legging. On account of me owning so many pairs and them being so comfortable. Also it sounds fun. A type of personal challenge which is also not that much of a challenge.

Following the Law

If-leggings-were-pants someecardTo make it interesting (and legal), here are the rules:

  • No laundry. At least for leggings/non-pants. Shirts and undergarments are allowed to be cleaned. (Though let’s face it, I can get some serious longevity out of my clothes collection.) Otherwise I’d never wear jeans again ever.
  • No shopping.
  • Jeggings and sweatpants count.
  • Jeans (even colored ones) and dress pants do not.
  • I’m not answering your questions. Unless I want to … so it’ll be just like normal.
  • As I’ve said millions of times, leggings aren’t pants, so that means the shirt needs to be an acceptable length in order to go out in public. In ladylike terms, let’s just say it’s low enough to cover the parts that need to be covered. Which is not a problem, because thanks to my sister getting me exactly what I asked for for Christmas (every non-ugly color of long cami), I have all kinds of extra long camis.
  • Things need to match.
  • Plans can’t be changed to account for wardrobe – that means work meetings, knitting night, and everything else as per usual.
  • I’ll write a follow up blog outlining my process.

The Goods

Because I KNOW you are wondering, these are the types/colors of leggings and/or jeggings I own.

  • plum
  • white/cream
  • mustard yellow (Is it just me or are these starting to sound like Clue suspects?)
  • brown
  • black
  • black with velvet
  • high-waisted acid wash faux denim (Yes, you read that correctly.)
  • regular faux denim
  • teal
  • brighter teal
  • coral
  • green
  • black/white combo
  • hunter orange jeggings
  • different purple
  • gray … or rather grey
  • maybe more – who can keep track at this point?

Drumroll, Please

And that’s pretty much it. I’m just going to wear leggings – almost exclusively – for as long as possible. Because I want to.

Good luck with all of your barfy life goals and their stipulations. I’ll be comfortable instead.


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