My Favorite Things: Work Edition
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Now that I’m back in an actual swing of working – the holidays are over and my Tuesday work partner left to go work in the real world, lame x infinity – I’m actually getting a crap-ton done. (Don’t look so surprised.) To keep up with my incredible progress, I thought I’d give a solid S/O to all of my shiz. Everything I use on a daily basis.

From tea cups to super-long charging cords, here’s my favorite things. And no, you can’t have them.


PaperMate Flair Pens

papermade flair pens medium colorful felt-tip markers

Go ahead and laugh. They’re glorious. And colorful. And in case you are wondering, this is the almost exact set that I have.


Post Its

post-it-jaguar prank on walt's car

Also colorful. I go through two-plus of these things per day.


EOS Balls

EoS lip balm balls

Word on the street is that mint’s the fave, though I’ve yet to try it. Other types of Chap Stick are also acceptable.


USB-Compatible Everything


Extenders, cords, ports, external hard drives, chargers, and more. Including my phone charger, which is at least 10-feet long, because sometimes you need to Pinterest far away from outlets.


An Assortment of Quirky Mugs

pier one mustache mugs stack of cups

Looking for a mug with a mustache? What about a different mustache? Or polka dots? Maybe K-State is more your style. Name a category, I’ve got you covered.

Oh and with all flavors of tea to fill them.


The Warmest Clothes of All Time

knitted dog hat and scarf pink yarn

Seriously, I’ve got a great view, but this huge window is terrible with insulation. I can feel the artic breeze from feet away. So many layers are worn and it still leaks through.


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