This is My (Glorious) New Calendar
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This is My (Glorious) New Calendar

Some days email is the worst thing to happen to me. Like on this very day that I’m writing this post – where people just cannot get enough of me. And are looking for every excuse in the world to get one of my not-so-incredible responses – even if it’s just business necessary; actually, almost all of them are.

IMG_2606Other days, electronic correspondence is the best thing – or rather second-best thing – that’s happened in weeks. Like when JoAnn sent me a coupon code for a free customizable calendar. Yep, a free online-made calendar from a craft-supply store. No idea why, but sometimes it’s best not to ask questions when great things come along, I’ve decided.

(BTW, JoAnn, thanks for the coupon – I’ll be sure to buy an extra skein of yarn (or 12) the next time I walk in. Which will probably be about 10 minutes after my next sale-related text alert.)

mean girls calendar pictureLike any normal, I got to work on the calendar just as soon as I’d read the email. Screw work, amIright? There was a project to be made. But instead of uploading pictures of family and friends, you know like basics most people do, I made it into an absolute masterpiece. A quirky, hilarious, glorious mess of a collection that I can’t wait to stare into each and every day. And since it’s a calendar, that’s exactly what I’ll do. Because what else would you do with a calendar?

hocus pocus amuck amuck amuck photo collectionIs the quality the best? No. But considering they’re stolen Internet photos that were printed, photographed and re-uploaded, they turned out pretty alright, actually.

Basically, the collection is the most me thing that’s ever happened; if you’re looking for a crash-course in the weirdest parts of my personality – I’m looking at you, new boyfriend* – this is it. Let’s hope you don’t run for the hills.

As for everyone else reading, I’m still not sorry.



* Are you my boyfriend yet or did I just make this weird?

Then again, he’s worn enemy sports colors AND complimented my driving skills, which is pretty much contractually binding behavior. Also, after checking out each supremely awesome page his only comment was, “I didn’t see anything about Friends.” Which was the correct response.


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