Resolution Follow Up: Reuniting with Jeans
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Resolution Follow Up: Reuniting with Jeans

As per my New Year’s “resolution,” I didn’t wear jeans for a solid chunk of time. That means that for a real hot minute, my legs only saw soft fabrics. Sweat pants, leggings, pajamas – really anything that didn’t come with a zipper or hidden pockets. And it was pretty great. Infinite levels of comfort. Or rather, 23.5 days of comfort – which is how long I lasted before falling back into the sweet routine of sporting denim.

On the 24th day, I wore jeans. It was only for a few hours, and they weren’t even the fancy ones. But it still happened. I wanted to go on a walk on account of the nice weather, and rather than sporting jeggings with bulky shoes, I jean-ed up. And it felt glorious – even found a rogue golf ball, which was obviously due to my at-the-time outfit.

Really, the jig could’ve gone on way longer; I didn’t even wear every pair of legging in my arsenal. The orange jeggings haven’t seen light since pre-Christmas. And the acid-wash, high-waisted pair have been stashed since Halloween. There were still plenty of comfortable outfits to be worn.

But I wanted to wear jeans. Like really wanted to. Maybe it’s from them being such a staple. Maybe it’s just because I knew I wasn’t supposed to. Either way, it happened. I even sent a Snap to my friend/top blog supporter for proof. So I couldn’t cheat, on account of there being no police for that sort of thing.

What I Learned:

mission accomplished gif cartoonThat I don’t like restrictions on my wardrobe. Also that going without pockets is harder than you think. So is finding shirts long enough to make outfits appropriate (or not appropriate, in Cork Head’s opinion), but not so long that you feel all matronly. That leggings stretch out after wearing them, and they get caught around the ankles, which makes changing very frustrating. I also learned that that crazy lady who vowed off tights/work-out pants is right, dudes really like them. But they -also like bikinis and sundresses, and any other form of clothing that isn’t a hospital gown. So maybe she should cut out all those clothes, too.

And that’s pretty much it. It wasn’t life changing. I didn’t grow a six-pack or suddenly change my personality because of wardrobe. It was just something new to try for an unspecified amount of time. And now I’ve done it. Come nice weather, I’ll try a similar challenge with dresses.* Which is also what I call summer.

For now anyway, I’m back on jeans. At least as much as I want to be. A new year’s challenge has never felt so complete.


*Minus working out time, because of the obvious reasons.


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