Living Life, a Little to the West
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Living Life, a Little to the West

Next week I’m going to Colorado. And I’m pretty pumped about it, obviously. Except when this posts, it will be this week – or last week. Maybe the week before last – who can keep up with my writing/posting schedule anyway? Definitely not me, for the second-most obvious statement for the day.

Anyway, at some point in time I went to Colorado. To see a friend with a friend. (Who I decided was going with me and booked her ticket without confirming, which tells me she should always have a work-as-requested job.)

And it’s going to be one of the best times in a while. Not only because I haven’t seen Colorado friend since the last time I accidentally ran into. But also because it means it’s a vacation, which I haven’t had since October.

Basically, I’m due.

Sure that means the week before will have twice as much work, and there will be roughly 5,000 emails waiting for me upon return. But there’s really no value in an entire week of relaxation. Even if that means three-times the stress the week before. That math works out, right?

So what’s on the docket? Probably navigating airports and catching up on all my for-pleasure reading. Maybe even take a magazine quiz or two while drinking overpriced brewery beers. Or looking at and then touching mountains just because they’re there. Perhaps even taking a gander at Colorado friend’s vitamin selling store; the possibilities are endless.

And if anyone gets in my way, my ginger travel mate will surely take care of it; she’s not to be messed with. Which also acts as the second reason she’s the perfect travel companion.



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