Being Healthy is Kind of Miserable
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Being Healthy is Kind of Miserable

Eating healthy makes you feel better. It’s a fact. So does exercise and not sleeping all day. Even when it’s freezing outside. But just because it’s good for you – and makes you feel better – doesn’t mean the actual act(s) themselves are enjoyable. Sometimes, even when it’s what you should do, and know it’s “the best thing for you” (or whatever), it’s all the more uncomfortable.

Like when you go to the gym and it’s so crowded. And there’s never any parking. Or you don’t know how to use the different weight lifting machines. Or all the workers are wearing all black and up in your grill. Which is to say walking around and giving tours within 10 feet of where you’re located.

funny picture about celery and pizzaEating healthy sometimes isn’t that great, either. Like when you NEED something that’s salty and crunches when you bite. Or when the lettuce freezes, even in the vegetable drawer, and is forever ruined. Maybe the pizza is calling your name like never before. “It’s me, Pepperoni,” is whispers. “I’m right here in the freezer … waiting.” Maybe you baked the best chocolate chip cookies of your entire life and just can’t stay away. Like there is a magnet drawing your face to their Tupperware container.

All or none of those things could happen on any single day. This health thing is a real crapshoot.

Other contributing factors:

  • Vitamins taste real questionable
  • Beer is full of calories
  • Getting up early makes me want four breakfasts
  • Chips (still) aren’t their very own healthy food group
  • I still have Valentine’s candy and it’s almost Easter, another sugar-based holiday

The real problem, though, is that when you follow through … and feel way better. More energetic. Less tired. And less like you need to lick the salt out of the empty peanut canister. On account of eliminating the taste for fats and the body slicing out toxins. Or whatever it’s doing in there. So you want to keep doing those things, even when they taste terrible or come with bad parking. And it’s a little miserable, even when it’s not.

So raise your slice of cauliflower pizza and cheers with a low-carb beer. Good luck to all of us.


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