The Best Things About Spring
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It’s finally spring. Not just because the calendar says so, but because the weather now says so too. And I’m pretty pumped about it. No more Netflixing the day away (you know, unless you want to) while winds leak their way into windows and create way-too-high energy bills. No more starting the car at the front door (remote start, best invention ever) and waiting for it to heat up. And definitely no more layering clothes upon clothes until they just won’t fit.

All of which calls for a celebration. For things like:

Being Barefoot


Who wants to wear shoes when not wearing shoes is a perfectly good alternative?

Spring Flowers

color picture of spring flowers

Pretty and smelling great.



Also pretty and smelling great. But tasting the best of all.




I want to wear all of the dresses. All of them.


Tomato Planting Time


There really is no better breakfast than homegrown tomatoes and toast … with plenty of salt and pepper.


Open Windows


It’s a thin line between freezing cold and blazing hot. We gotta cash in when we can.


How Grass Smells

rapunzel leave castle smelling grass

So fresh and so good.


Bring it on, spring. We can’t wait.



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