It’s My Almost Birthday
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It’s My Almost Birthday

In just two short days, I will be turning a certain number of years old. And I’m pretty pumped about it. Because who doesn’t love birthdays, really? Sure it’s not fun to turn old(er), but as a wise lady named Dear Prudie once said, “You only feel old because it’s the oldest you’ve ever been.” But it IS fun to celebrate. Not because I think I’m a huge deal, but because I’m always looking for a good excuse. Especially when it’s to have fun.

So what am I doing this year to celebrate? First off, thanks for asking. Second of all, all kinds of things.

On the actual day, I’m wearing a fancy dress and being taken out by Bo. For his work event that just so happens to fall on my day of birth. Where I’ll get to be confused by how much silverware there is to use. Fill up on cake, but more likely fill up on beer.

Eight-year-old Bethaney is jealous of her future self. As is 18-year-old Bethaney; I think they’d be pretty OK with how things have turned out.

HappyBirthdayHarryPotterThen the next day, or the day after that, I’m celebrating with others. With barbequing, fishing, and game playing.*

And if time allows, I’ll also force my family to our annual Harry Potter Scene It game. Where I will win, because no one else seems to know as much about HP as me. Even though I force them to watch the movies most Christmases. Maybe if my Mom didn’t duck out EVERY YEAR she’d have a better chance at winning.

I’m also planning on:

  • Sleeping in
  • Eating whatever I want
  • Spending as much time as I want getting ready
  • Taking the longest of bubble baths
  • Not doing chores
  • Taking full advantage of being self-employed, which means working 12-hour days Mon-Wed so I can take a four-day weekend. Which will definitely be worth it.
  • Whatever else I want. Because that’s what birthdays are for.

*Bo says we are only allowed to “eat what we catch,” and I said lucky for both of us, I can catch A LOT of food at the grocery store. I just need someone to throw it first.


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