2015, the Year of “Why Not?”
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2015, the Year of “Why Not?”

In the world of freelance writing, unless you’re doing 10 million things at once, you feel like you’re doing nothing. Like not even one thing. So really it’s lucky that I’ve been doing so many thousands of things every single second of the last month and into this month.

And I get it, you don’t want to hear how busy I am. It’s lame. I don’t want to hear how busy you are, or even how busy I should be or have been or could be if I was actually keeping up with my office paperwork.

And yet here we are. Sigh. #kindofsorry

So if you want to help me get less busy (so I can bless you with more blogs, like Tuesdays used to happen), here’s a list of things you can do.

  • Come cook dinner at my house.
  • Return all of these Amazon packages that came in weird sizes and colors. (Or just print the labels. Who do they think I am? Some type of 2015 business owner who also has a printer? I’m trying to go paperless. Duh. And side note: I want to invent a phone app that lasers labels right onto packages. Patent (eventually) pending.)
  • Teach me how to get around in this new stupid town that I moved to.
  • Convince my husband that leftovers do not turn into poison one day after they’re refrigerated. And that throwing out my cold pizza is pretty much the quickest way to make me hate you. Forever. I’m a taurus; we hold grudges.
  • Run all of my errands, like yesterday.
  • Stay out of my grill.

Or, just wait it out for the next blog, or three, when things will be back to normal. Probably.



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