Foods I Want to Try This Summer
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I’m somewhat of an adventurous eater. Maybe I’m a little hungry while I’m writing this post. Or I might just need a hard copy of things I’m gearing up to eat on vacation. Probably a little of all of them. But I’m still making this list, so deal with it.

The things I want to eat this summer, or at least try:

All of this Seafood


ALL of it.

Homegrown Veggies


Don’t mind me while I become a farmer’s market regular. (If you have one that lets you pay on the honor system, I need to know about it.)

Chocolate Cake

bruce matilda chocolate cake

But maybe not all in one sitting.

UNSWEET Tea — So Much Tea


It’s my main vice.

Salads in a Jar


Don’t mind me while I get my Pinterest on.



hamburger with googly eyes

Burgers with blue cheese, burgers with bacon. Seriously, where is the beef?!


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