Going Pioneer in All the Good Ways
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Going Pioneer in All the Good Ways

It’s getting crunchy up in here. And I like it. The crunchier, the better, I say – just like my peanut butter.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s a new-fangled way to talk about being green and/or organic. But just like everything, I only ever want to make my own version of it. I’m not going super hippie and hand-crafting everything. Just some things. There will be no hand-fashioned tampons by moi. And especially not cleaning the carpet with a homemade vacuum. Or not shaving and avoiding store-made clothes. Store-made clothes are the best fitting kinds of them all.

pioneer woman wearing green cowboy hatBut sometimes, I like being super pioneer-y. Like that day, two days ago, when I made homemade fruit roll ups (that are delicious, BTW) and transferred the starter plants into the ground. Then ate man casserole that held more than 2.5 pounds of meat. Or the time I organized all my canning jars and then read a book about essential oils. Have you guys heard about these things? They’re basically cure-alls for everything. But also kind of dangerous, depending on who you ask, so tread with caution.

Anyway, reading is fun, too. As is learning. If you can combine those things with getting shiz done, why not kill all of your birds with a tiny, yet very efficient stone?

Other contributing factors:

  • I once had chickens, and ate their eggs. They were delicious.
  • Productive hobbies are the best types of hobbies.
  • I’m a self-taught knitter.
  • Thanks to an 80% off sale, I have a sewing machine. That I almost know how to use.

groundhog grease february looking at its shadowIf I could live in a bug-free house in the woods and eat only the vegetables I grew and bread I baked, I would. With painted nails and trimmed hairs. I’d can the meat and knit the blankets. But I definitely wouldn’t boil the groundhogs, like this lady who wore a bonnet did on this show I watched last night. Also, a Kroger establishment needs to be within 10 miles; that’s non-negotiable.

Then hopefully someone would pay me to blog about it. Like homemaking, but with a paycheck. Semi-homemade, but with some things being 100% and others 0.

Other pioneer-y aspirations:

  • Growing my own tea. And other weird things, like avocadoes or olives, climate permitting.
  • Getting the whole essential oils thing down.
  • Baking healthy.
  • Learning to use my pressure canner and not be afraid of it. (I’m definitely a little afraid of it.)
  • Always having a garden, in every season. Except Kansas winters.
  • To keep reading library stashes.
  • Whatever else I decide, when I decide it.

Just like the fairy tales.


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